Have you decided to finally move from your old house to a new spacious and well-furnished property? You must be really excited to move towards a better, more spacious, and state-of-the-art equipped space that you can call your own. Despite having such an elated feeling to move to a whole new place, you must be thinking about the cost involved in hiring a moving company in Manila. There might be the case that you are thinking of paying a hefty amount of service charge to professional movers.

If you are in dilemma as to how much to pay for moving services in the Philippines, then you have come to the right place. Here, gather some imperative information related to the factors that affect the overall moving cost with the help of a professional moving company.

Factors that affect moving costs in Manila

What you pay for moving services in the Philippines depends on your requirements and manifold factors that are as follows:

  • Packing cost: One of the imperative tasks that a moving company performs for you is packing your overall luggage. It includes your furniture, kitchen essentials, clothes, food items, and several other things. So, the packing cost varies as per the articles you have inside and outside the household area. It could be less or more depending on your things. The other associated factor is the overall weight of your household items which are measured first to provide you with a particular service charge.
  • Pick-up & drop location: How far are your current and the drop location matter the most in terms of calculating the moving services cost? If you stay near the new location of your house, then the moving company will charge less or vice versa. Furthermore, the cost goes up and down, if you try to carry small household items in your personal vehicle, and only big stuff is handled by professional movers.
  • Stairs or walking distances: The cost of house moving will be on the higher side if you have too many stairs at the current and drop location. In that case, moving professionals need to make an extra set of efforts and for that charges will be extra.
  • Storage expenditures: Your moving cost might increase if you ask for storage services for a particular set of items. It could be your unused furniture, artifacts, vehicle, or anything like that that you do not need at present. And such items you can store inside the storage space of professional movers.
  • The particular time of year: Even the time of your moving matters further in calculating the overall house moving cost. If you try to move between September to May, then the cost will be less, otherwise, it will be on the higher side.

How to hire a reliable moving company?

You will come across a wide range of moving services companies in Manila and all claim to be the best. But you can rely on the one that offers cost-effective rates, optimum moving assistance features positive customer feedback, and showcase good behavior.


Calculating moving services cost in Manila is no longer a hassle for you. Depending on your requirement of moving particular stuff, require storage space, moving at a particular time, or other factors matter to decide the actual cost.

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